Every 10 seconds someone is having an asthma attack in the UK. Attacks are potentially life threatening and mustn’t be ignored.
Asthma attacks are usually the result of symptoms getting gradually worse over a few days. Needing to use your reliever inhaler more than 3 times a week may suggest that your asthma is not well controlled. If your asthma symptoms are getting worse or you’re using your reliever inhaler more, don’t ignore it as you may be at increased risk of an attack.
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So you’ve survived the worst of the air pollution – now what?

First off…

Well done, you’ve got through the worst of it.

Most likely your asthma has been a pain


And you’ve been using your reliever inhaler more.


86% of you said so from completing this (as of 11:29 on 04/04/2014).

Now the annoyingly hard work begins

Afraid so. Especially as some of you will still feel it for a while.

Otherwise you might end up here

1 in 6 (15%) of people who receive emergency treatment for an asthma attack need emergency treatment again within 2 weeks.

So keep taking your preventer inhaler everyday

You might not feel its helping, but it is.

Get hold of this piece of paper

You can click here to download one

And take it to one of these

Fill it out with your GP.

OK, boring health stuff over. Here’s a kitten.